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Making decisions that shape student lives is difficult without the insights to back them up. With Mindsets, see the big picture of what every student needs to meet their academic goals and grow. When your data is evaluated by our team, you won’t have to leave crucial decisions or budget allocations for your students, teachers, and district up to guesswork.

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“More participation than anything else I’ve given students! Mindsets is better than anything else I’ve seen.”

Eli Edinson, Math Teacher, Amherst-Pelham Regional Public Schools, Massachusetts, U.S.

Engage students and empower teachers.

When learning doesn’t engage students where they are and get them curious about exploring the world, teachers and students struggle to stay engaged with education.

Drive quantifiable improvements in behavior, test scores, and teacher satisfaction with a platform that helps teachers spark the joy of learning.

Set students up for long-term success.

Connecting math with real-world Challenges and applications will excite students about math and prepare them for life beyond the classroom.

Mindsets learning not only meets Gen Alpha students at the intersection of technology and learning but also gives each student the ability to connect math with their passions and explore future careers.

  • Step 1

    Go on safari!

    Visit an animal sanctuary in Africa and see how the animals are cared for.

  • Step 2

    Compare animal sizes.

    Compare the sizes of male and female rhinos and other animals at the sanctuary. Which one is bigger?

  • Step 3

    Visit the ocean.

    Investigate the sizes of ocean animals: mako sharks, whales, and octopi. Which one needs more food?

  • Step 4

    Bonus – Which animal will you investigate?

    From a class poll, choose an animal to investigate. Compare the weights of the female and male animal and decide which one is the bigger animal.

See a Mindsets Challenge in action.

Challenges walk students through 4 interactive steps. After receiving context for the Challenge, students participate in application-based activities to solve a real-world problem.

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Math Practice development is key to greater student success.

By focusing on students’ cognitive and executive function skills, the Math Practices help set students up for success in areas beyond just math. Download our full playbook to learn how to leverage Math Practices education for student success.

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