Unlock student potential with real-world Challenges.

Mindsets’ real-world applications encourage students to be curious about learning. Hands-on learning helps students improve their math scores and master critical cognitive and collaborative skills to help them succeed in school and beyond.

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“More participation than anything else I’ve given students! Mindsets is better than anything else I’ve seen.”

Eli Edinson, Math Teacher, Amherst-Pelham Regional Public Schools, Massachusetts, U.S.

Grow your students’ opportunities with data-driven insights.

With authentic assessment data, you don’t have to give students extra assessments to see how they’re doing. Save time and reduce anxiety while still getting the data you need to support students in the most impactful way.

Go beyond right or wrong answers.

Mindsets measures cognitive skills within the Math Practices so you can uncover the root causes of why students are getting answers right or wrong. With deeper data, you can have a greater impact on student outcomes.

Mindsets makes an impact on your students.

Schools like yours have sparked authentic learning and engagement. Discover their success stories and the Impact of Mindsets on their students.

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  • 100% of students engaged

  • Improved reasoning skills by 24x

  • Top 10% of Georgia districts

  • Improved reasoning skills by 24x